Pink tee, blonde ponytail, sweatpants, shades and absolutely zero fucks given: My baby’s back in NYC!

Last night, TMZ caught The Holy Spearit wandering outside her hotel in the city (trying to put her derriere in the magazines, no doubt!)

Why’s she in town? Because Our Queen will be appearing alongside her future co-worker Demetria Devonne Lovato later today for the FOX Upfronts, where they’ll be officially (FINALLY!) announced as judges for the upcoming season of X Factor.

Honestly, I’m just a shaking pile of blubbering mess. What will she wear? What if she speaks? What if she sings? What if she and Demi perform an acoustic rendition of “Everytime” into “Skyscraper”? WHAT THEN?!

Hush. Just. Stop. And wait until this afternoon…