So, remember Honor, the elusive chanteuse I first wrote about a few weeks ago who lost her USB stick on the train, which was miraculously recovered by a YouTuber? #TeamInternet

After releasing her debut single “Never Off,” the ethereal pop crooner has just released an accompanying visual for the tune…and it goes there.

Think you’ve got #RelationshipProblems? The couple featured in Honor’s gorgeous “Never Off” visual are having, uh, mortal issues.

The beautifully shot clip follows a handsome pair as they go through major highs and lows, all leading to one devastating…well, best not to spoil anything. In its brightest moments, the clip ought to be a nostalgia-inducing reminder of the best love can offer, and at it’s worst? Err. Don’t rage and drive. Sorry, too many spoilers!

But really, between the debut video and the song, this is an impressive package of pop — especially for a debut act.

And if you’re wondering what the mystery songstress actually looks and sounds like in the flesh, wonder no more.