Sky Ferreira Releases “Sex Rules” as Debut Single off of Upcoming EP, ‘As If’

It’s been a minute since we last heard from indie-pop teen darling Sky Ferreira, whose debut album was left hopelessly hanging in the lurch after the tepid response to lead US single, “Obsession.”

Luckily the burgeoning songstress is still giving it a go with the release of one of my all time favorite Ferreira tracks: “Sex Rules,” penned by the almighty Billy Steinberg, the scribe behind some of pop’s most iconic numbers including Madonna‘s “Like A Virgin,” Whitney Houston‘s “So Emotional,” and The Bangles‘ “Eternal Flame.”

The track is unsurprisingly sublime–a squeaky, skittering electro-pop track filled with naughty come-ons and smart, cutting lyricism bound to push at least a few buttons: “It’s a complicated blend of tenderness and aggression / That’s what gets me off, that is my obsession,” Ferreira playfully tempts above the smacking beat, her Lolita shtick on full blast.

“Sex Rules” is the lead single from Ferreira’s upcoming As If EP, due for release on March 22. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Sex Rules
2. Traces
3. Haters Anonymous
4. 99 Tears
5. 108

You can also hear samples of the EP right here. To no one’s surprise, it certainly sounds like As If is shaping up to be a phenomenal release (how genuinely cool is “Haters Anonymous”?!)–I absolutely cannot wait to hear this in full!

“Sex Rules” will also serve as the official campaign theme for CK One, in which Ferreira will star in a series of ads alongside icy-electro R&B goddess, Cassie (!!!). You can watch a teaser of the two pop princesses disrobing and gyrating in a sexy-yet-disinterested manner.

With any luck, Ferreira should spark some serious interest this time around. It’s certainly about time.

“Sex Rules” was released on March 1. (iTunes)

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