What’s In A Name? The Brilliance of CocknBullKid

I’ll admit it: I’ve been sleeping on CocknBullKid for a while now.

Why? It’s a shamefully silly reason, yet entirely real nonetheless: She has literally the worst stage name of all time.

No, but seriously: It reads like one of those terrible hipster bands that mass CC’s me along with every other site across the blogosphere with their awful electro-rock trash and horrible neon-colored graphics.

But CockNBullKid, better Anita Blay, is not trash at all. In fact, she’s quite brilliant.

Having released a smattering of singles a few years back as thecocknbullkid (note: not a better name), the UK songstress was soon signed to Moshi Moshi Records (Island Records) in 2009.

Blay has since released two incredible songs from her upcoming studio album due out in May, Adulthood, including “One Eye Closed” and the Lily Allen-esque “Hold On To Your Misery.” Both songs evoke dozens of musical influences, from swinging, ’60’s Motown rhythms to flares of ’80’s New Wave.

Now, CocknBullKid is preparing the third single of the bunch, and arguably the best: “Asthma Attack.”

With a sparkling synthesized beat and an entirely infectious chorus, “Asthma Attack” is CocknBullKid’s most modern sounding single yet.

As MuuMuse contributor Sam Lansky noted when breathlessly describing the song to me (you see what I did there?), there’s a certain tinge of Xenomania mid-tempo UK synth-pop balladry a la Girls Aloud‘s “Call The Shots” or Mini Viva‘s “I Wish” that makes the track all the more spiritually fulfilling.

Plus, as a boy with numerous allergies (and even more deep-seated anxieties), I find that “Asthma Attack” resonates deeply with me, leading me to tuck this one into my pocket straight away. You know, right next to the inhaler.

CocknBullKid–despite that name–is the real deal. So calm down, put your headphones on and take a long, deep breath.

“Asthma Attack” was released on March 20. (iTunes UK)

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