A new O’Day has come!

Ever since Diddy unceremoniously ditched the Danity Kane divas nearly three years ago (one of the world’s greater pop injustices of all time), former member Aubrey O’Day has made it clear that she would not be deterred from her pop star dreams.

O’Day, the group’s most outspoken and audicious (Aubreycious?) member, decided to remain true to her Making The Band roots, signing on to film a Oxygen Channel reality series in 2010 called All About Aubrey. The series premiered early last month, tracking O’Day’s journey from the fall of Danity Kane to her first performance as a solo artist.

Following the show’s series finale this week, O’Day unleashed her official debut as a solo artist to iTunes today: “Automatic,” a scorching, synthesizer filled dance-pop number. The song plays just as one might expect Danity Kane to sound in a post-Gaga musical landscape; that is, something like a more dance floor ready version of Welcome To The Dollhouse album tracks, including “Pretty Boy” and “Bad Girl.”

“Look at my body, it’s so official / Every time they see me, they shoot over like a missile,” O’Day brags. While the beat is nothing revolutionary, the song is probably the wisest next step in sound for O’Day, likely to appeal to former supporters while still snagging dozens of new fans in the process.

And judging by the song’s success–currently sitting at #36 on the iTunes Song Chart after less than 24 hours on sale (and just 6 spots below her former employer, Diddy) it looks like it’s going to be O’Day who has the last laugh after all.

“Automatic” was released on iTunes on April 12. (iTunes)