Daily B: Bloggers Gush Over ‘Femme Fatale Tour’ Dress Rehearsal and More Sneak Peeks Behind-The-Scenes

OH MY GODNEY. So much happening, so little time…


Okay, so first of all: On Friday night, several journalists and bloggers got to attend an exclusive dress rehearsal of the tour, including JustJared, E!, Pink Is The New Blog, BreatheHeavy and Perez Hilton.

BreatheHeavy’s Jordan says that Britney sings “live for most of it” which is an absolute treat (and suggests that Team B may actually be hearing our prayers!) and that The Femme Fatale Tour is very true to the album’s name: Britney is “armed and dangerous,” wielding weapons and getting chased down by stalkers and the paparazzi in a hi-octane chase around the globe. Pink Is The New Blog‘s Trent reports that there are large vehicles all over the set, and that “Gimme More” is staged in a huge way. And Perez–once he got over talking about himself–admitted that Britney “seemed to be enjoying herself” and that The Femme Fatale Tour is “way better than the last tour.”

And now, the tour setlist, courtesy of Just Jared:

1.) Hold It Against Me
2.) Up N’ Down
3.) 3
4.) Piece of Me
5.) Big Fat Bass
6.) How I Roll
7.) Lace and Leather
8.) If You Seek Amy
9.) Gimme More
10.) Drop Dead Beautiful
11.) He About To Lose Me
12.) Boys (Remix)
13.) Don’t Let Me The Last To Know
14.) Baby One More Time
15.) S&M
16.) Trouble For Me
17.) I’m A Slave 4 U
18.) Burning Up (Madonna cover)
19.) I Wanna Go
20.) Womanizer
21.) Toxic
22.) Till The World Ends

First of all: “GIMME MORE.”

Second of all: BONUS TRACKS. “Up N’ Down”? “He About To Lose Me”?! Slayed. Also, the inclusion of “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know” is utterly brilliant. OH! And “Lace and Leather”! And “Burning Up”!!!

In addition, Britney‘s team has been uploading exclusive content for the past 7 days in honor of the countdown ’til the first show of The Femme Fatale Tour.

The latest, the “Dance & Choreography” video, gives us a sneak peek behind-the-scenes as the show’s choreographers and 16 (!) dancers prepare their routines for the show. Looks like some familiar faces are coming back on the road (Oh, I SEE you Cat Rendic, Luke Broadlick and Chase Benz!), and the routines look pretty MAYJAH!

And finally, check out this mini-interview that just aired on ITV’s morning program Daybreak, in which we get a glimpse of a gold-clad Britney performing “Gimme More” (I see some serious energy in those thrusts!), giggling and smiling about the tour, and generally remaining Cuteney.


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