17-year-old Dessie, better known as Desiree Nilsson, is one of Sweden’s most well-known bloggers. (Or so I am told.)

From what I’ve gathered from Google Translate, Dessie’s blog mainly revolves around taking sexy pictures in front of her computer, contemplations about dying her hair a different color, shopping with friends, and kissing girls at fabulous parties.

In other words: Her life seems hard.

Today, Sweden’s Most Famous Blogger released her debut single (and video), “Whatcha Got,” produced by Swedish production troupe Trinity, who are currently in the studio with Agnes and the Pussycat DollsJessica Sutta (!!!).

“Whatcha Got” is basically the more Swede Pop-encrusted answer to Ke$ha‘s “Tik Tok”/Katy Perry‘s “California Gurls,” including lots of chant-y bits (“HEY!”), a horn-heavy section, and loads of slay-worthy lyrics about being painfully sexy and having to deal with the attention: “I’m not on an ego trip / People just think I am hip!” Dessie declares, a sentiment that hasn’t been so strongly evoked since Paris Hilton‘s defining smash, “Turn You On.”

Raw. Honest. Real. I’m just glad someone’s finally brave enough to talk about the real issues in pop!

Lush lips, lovely legs…Dessie makes you dizzy, BAM!

“Whatcha Got” was released in Sweden on June 15. (iTunes Sweden)