Well, Madonna may not be working with RedOne anytime soon…but Cher is.

The legendary entertainer took to Twitter early Thursday morning to announce an exciting “secret” she’d been waiting all of forever to tell her fans:

Just walked in from studio ! I Finished 1st track on new cd &……..”GAGA ” ” YOU ARE THE GREATEST THING TO ME “

Naturally, the general response was universal: WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN, CHER.

After a few more minutes, the icon regained consciousness/someone on Team Cher took control of the bejeweled Blackberry clenched between her hands and finished the thought:

It’s not a duet ! Who knows ? I Did Hold her “Meat Purse” haha! One can wish! It’s one of her songs & she & Redone gave it to me 4 my cd ! Wait ! I would love duet with GaGa, but She Gave Me GREAT Song & I’m beyond Grateful!!!! It’s called ” The Greatest Thing “

So there you have it: Cher has recorded a song with RedOne. Penned by Lady Gaga. And guess what? You can already hear it now.

This Lady Gaga demo–originally dubbed “The Greatest”–first leaked on the web over a year ago. And as Cher originally tweeted, the song contains the phrase “You are the greatest thing to me.”

Admittedly it does sound very post-1998 Cher, what with the overly Auto-tuned vocals and all. But…is this a good enough song for Cher? Is this real life? What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me.) Okay, so…but…

Like Lily said: I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore.