When I first caught Neon Hitch performing live at Splash in New York City two months ago–twerking her hips alongside shirtless drummers, riding boys with leashes and generally slaying the stage (watch it all go down live!)–there was one song in particular that had me clutching my pearls and raving like no one’s business: “Bad Dog.”

Complimented by a bevy of yelps and howls, the Benny Blanco-produced “Bad Dog” is a delicious explosion of pulsating electro-pop and naughty carnal yearning. “You’re just an animal that I caught / You know I’m yours, so rip my clothes off!” Hitch commands during the song’s snarling chorus. Woof!

Now, “Bad Dog” is poised to sink its teeth deep into the charts this summer as the gypsy pop princess’ ferocious new single.

Neon Hitch – Bad Dog (DJ Chuckie Remix) by muumuse

Yesterday, ArjanWrites brought you the utterly addictive Discotech remix of “Bad Dog.” Earlier this morning, Out Magazine premiered the electro-tastic Jason Nevins mix. Now it’s time to add another fabulous mix–err, into the mix!

Above is an Excluusive stream of the DJ Chuckie remix of Neon Hitch’s upcoming single, “Bad Dog.”

DJ Chuckie’s re-fix is a ruthlessly searing system overload, pumped up to the max with rave o’clock synthesizers and unstoppably hard, bangin’ beats guaranteed to leave you panting on the floor. Much like the original, it’s a solid smash!

Now then, who’s ready for a treat?

“Bad Dog” will be released later this summer. (iTunes)