Joseph Kahn Dishes About Working with Kylie Minogue on the Set of “All The Lovers”

Out of the blue I know, but still totally worth your time.

Acclaimed director of all things amazing Joseph Kahn (“Toxic”, “Womanizer”, “All The Lovers”) just uploaded the HQ cut of Kylie Minogue‘s flawless video for “All The Lovers” to Vimeo this evening.

In the video’s description, he shared more than a few kind words about working with the disco diva, as well as some behind-the-scenes scoop that you probably didn’t already know before:

Kylie was the dream artist to work with. First as a specimen of female, she is a joy to photograph. The camera can do no wrong. Her eyes always twinkle. But on top of that, she is extraordinarily collaborative and supportive. She really loves and understand directors, and once she understands the vision, she completely nurtures you to go for it. The craziest thing was she never watched herself on playback! That’s brilliant. Instead of cosmetics, she’s performing from a pure emotional core. Very few artists trust that instinct or have that ability.

When I turned in the edit, someone at the label wanted to recut the whole video. He just didn’t understand it, nor was he willing to listen to me or anyone else. The re-edit was going to be a disaster. But Kylie stepped in and shut that weirdo down COMPLETELY.

This is one of my favorite videos I did last year, and one of my favorites ever really. The message Kylie wanted to say with this video is important, and I am lucky to have worked with her on it.

Aww! So sweet, right? Such kind words for the incredible Mizz Minogue!

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