YouTube user VJ4rawr has just uploaded an animated lyric video set to Britney‘s brand new Femme Fatale single “Criminal,” and it’s the most amazing thing….EVER.

Set inside a Fantasy-like forest, the camera pans toward a magical storybook called Twisted Fairy Tales, which flips to reveal the tale: The lyrics to our beloved Godney’s “Criminal.”

As the story’s told, the Living Legend gets the storybook treatment as two or three dozen characters–from an Arabian princess, to Rapunzel, to a swashbuckling pirate wench, to the Bride of Frankenstein, to Marie Antoinette, to Cleopatra, to the Bonnie to her Clyde, to…well, everything in between!

Plus, there’s even photos and videos from the Living Legend’s own repertoire thrown into the mix, all smartly bound together to create one action-packed read before bedtime. But will it be a happy ever after? You’ll just have to watch and see!

This is too cute and so incredibly well crafted. The illustrations are really incredible!

For Britney fans and animation geeks alike, this is sort of the holy grail. Bravo, VJ4rawr!

“Criminal” was released to radio on October 4. (iTunes)

Thanks to Muuser Chris S. for sending me this video!