Our Beloved Queen Kylie, Empress of Everything That is Beautiful and Perfect in This World, has just uploaded a behind-the-scenes clip from the photoshoot of her latest fragrance in the Kylie Parfum series, Dazzling Darling.

Hanging from a crystal chandelier, working a top hat and channeling a bit of Liza gone Cabaret in a glitter-encrusted chair, Minogue serves nothing less than flawlessness in her newest perfume photo shoot, all with her usual flair of elegance and grace. I bow down forever and ever!

I know it’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating: The woman is now 43 years old and continues to be one of the most beautiful, timeless pop stars of our day. She simply sparkles…like a pure white diamond!

PS: Loving that thumping disco tune in the background too? That’s Ledge‘s “North Pole (Wize Remix),” released back in 2004. (iTunes)