Nicole Scherzinger Premieres Lead Single from ‘Killer Love’ Re-Release: “Try With Me”

Nicole Scherzinger is putting in work.

Our beloved PCD-lead-turned-emotionally-unstable-judger-of-talent has been working her buns off on the judge’s panel on X Factor USA. But when she’s not busy getting all emotional while guiding lesser beings toward their path to superstardom, she’s preparing for her next big move as a solo star across the pond.

On November 14, Mizz Scherzy Baby will re-release her debut album Killer Love in the UK, including several new tracks: “Trust Me I Lie,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” the 50 Cent remix of “Right There” (oh joy), and lead single: “Try With Me,” due out on October 30.

Penned by the 100% objectively perfect NERVO twins, “Try With Me” is Scherzy’s most heartfelt dance floor offering since “Don’t Hold Your Breath.” It’s an all-out dance floor anthem, complete with rather unusually specific lyricism (“you said, leave your keys on the counter/And you said, call me back at eight”), rave-y synthesizers, an explosive chorus and an UNSPEAKABLY gorgeous bridge (“Don’t say a word/You know that it hurts”).

In short, it’s (mostly) amazing (ish).

And as for the video? Well, it’s stunning visually–and insane.

Shot in the remote jungles of Xilitla, Mexico, the video kicks off with Scherzy Baby borrowing Brit Brit‘s Onyx Hotel Tour “Everytime” piano to play a few choice notes in front of a gorgeous waterfall.

And then comes the magical jungle romp, as the beautiful diva goes exploring deep into the greenery for a little adventure. Sadly, it seems like Scherzy’s been affected by jungle fever or something, because she spends the duration of the video manically spinning ’round like she’s Florence Welch trying to shake the Devil from her back. Purge those demons, Scherzy! PURGE ‘EM!

Then again, “Try With Me” is quite an ear-worm of a song. Perhaps it’s just that infectious, you know? Like, Scherzy was just too overcome? That chorus has been echoing in my head for hours, after all…


“Try With Me” will be released on October 30. (iTunes UK)

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