Earlier this evening, I was merrily listening to the Femme Fatale Tour DVD audio (as I am wont to do) while walking out of the train station from work. In fact, I was so caught up listening to the live version of “Gimme More” (as I am wont to do) that during the almighty “MOAH MOAH MOAH” breakdown, I walked straight into a wall.

Finding this amusing, I took to Twitter and chronicled the epic tale. Then I went to dinner. Then I came back.


Mind you: She’s already blessed me with a re-tweet earlier this year, and I didn’t even tag her in this one,
meaning only one thing–the Holy Spearit is truly watching over me.

I caused this.

I’ve since spent the past hour shaking, crying and running around the house. Following that, some quivering and weeping. Then some convulsing and sobbing. Then some seizing and bawling. Then a brief spell of dancing–now straight back to the crying. I CAN’T TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE NO MORE.

I was born to make you LOL, Britney! ♥