Introduucing…Rebecca & Fiona!

Rebecca & Fiona – “Hard”

Haven’t heard of DJ duo Rebecca & Fiona yet? You probably have in some capacity, but sit down and get cozy anyway–you’re going to be glad you did.

The stunning Swedish twosome have been making waves in their homeland for over the past two years, beginning with the release of their debut single: “Luminary Ones.” “It’s been a long time since I’ve had some fun,” the girls chant listlessly above the song’s dark, throbbing pulsations, bringing to mind the electro-pop ferocity of Cat5 (“Stretch & Bend”) and the hypnotic trance beats of Kleerup (Robyn‘s “With Every Heartbeat,” for instance.)

Since then, the girls have only continued to be dominate on their path of reckless amazingness–from “Bullets” (which MuuMuse contributor Sam Lansky spotlighted in his first installment of Amazing Things I’m Listening To From Sweden) to an opening spot on Queen of Swede-Pop Robyn’s European tour.

They even snagged themselves their own reality show at some point based on their lives as DJs/producers (which I haven’t seen quite yet, but I’m going to assume it’s something like a Swedish version of The Hills. Which one’s Heidi?)

Most recently, the duo unleashed their manically delicious “Jane Doe” earlier this month; a song with enough bubbling electronica to have the Pet Shop Boys foaming at the mouth and enough chilly, echoed vocals to keep the ghoulish Halloween feeling alive well past October. It’s incredible–no, it’s absolutely EVERYTHING.

(But if the accompanying video above is anything to go by, you wouldn’t want to have this bickering duo as your new roomies. For God’s sake, learn to share a mirror you two!)

Rebecca & Fiona also made a guest appearance on “Turn It Down,” the searing collaboration found on DJ Kaskade‘s new album Fire & Ice, and arguably one of the best tracks on the entire record.

Oh, and by the way: Rebecca & Fiona released their debut album I Love You Man today in Sweden, and it’s easily one of the best records of 2011. I’m absolutely F-L-O-O-R-E-D. Swedish dance-pop perfection. Track it down now.

I Love You Man was released on November 16. (iTunes)

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