My girl Jessica Sutta is back for more.

The ex-Pussycat Dolls songstress has been making solid solo moves over the past few years in clubland — from 2007s brilliant “White Lies” with Paul Van Dyk to her 2011 #1 Billboard Club cut “Show Me,” to “Again” with Kemal Golden, released earlier this year.

Now, she’s about to unleash a brand new banger for the dance floor, “Lights Out.”

The song ought to tickle the fancy of any EDM-pop enthusiast: It’s full of scorching beats, rallying chants and J.Sut’s full-bodied chops. And what of the lights, exactly? Why, it’s sizzling dance floor ode to getting freaky when the lights get low, of course! “Let tonight take over now / ‘Cause I can feel you better with the lights out,” she cries. “Turn the lights out!” And then — BOOM. That massive beat drop.

J. Sutta’s coming for that Queen of Clubs crown! Break out the body paint and get ready to kill the lights…

“Lights Out” will be released on August 20. (iTunes)