Daily B: It’s A Britmas Miracle…”Strangest Love” Leaks!


‘Tis the season to be jolly…and leaky, apparently!

When I got the initial tweet that Godney‘s “Strangest Love” had leaked earlier this morning, I did what any rational, level-headed fan would do: I threw my presents in the air, raced down the hallway and immediately began flailing and falling to my knees with my Spearit rosary beads in hand as I pushed “Play.” And oh, what a thoroughly flaw-free production…seriously!

While the original recording date is unconfirmed (for now), we do know that producer Guy Chambers published a song called “Strangest Love” on BMI (credited along with Westlife‘s Brian McFadden). Brit Brit reportedly worked with Chambers while recording 2003’s In The Zone–plus, the production sounds similar to the Chambers-produced Kylie Minogue cut, “Sensitized.” Is it a match? Maybe…seems likely!

Whatever the case, “Strangest Love” is pure paradise: The vocals and lyrics are almost as lush as Brit Brit’s finest Adultney moment back in 2005: “And Then We Kiss.” Those moans in the background, the chilly break beats against the piano, that falsetto moment during the bridge…and the final improvised cries? So smooth, so sensual…like a touch of Sade thrown into the mix! Utterly destroyed.

For fans missing out on more of the traditional balladry of Brit Brit’s back catalog, this leak comes as a seriously appreciated Christmas treat. Nice to hear some real vocals happening again!

‘Til something changes, it’s a different language / Words say too much, and get in the way / We talk in the strangest love…

You’re speaking my language, B! It’s just like Madonna preached back on 1994’s “Bedtime Story”: “Words are useless, especially sentences. They don’t stand for anything. How could they explain how I feel?”

BRITNEY SPEARS – Strangest Love by Andru Bergero


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