Sounds like: Wynter Gordon, Jessie + The Toy Boys, Britney Spears, Dev
Genre: Electro-pop, dance, hip-pop

Dancing In Dirt by MoXiiE

I’ve watched Moxiie evolve for about two years now.

The unsigned NYC artist first caught my attention back in February of 2010 (then performing under the name Kyla Dreams) with her track, “Machine Gun Love.” I was immediately sold: Between the instantly catchy chorus and glittering synth beats, that one song alone kept me keeping close tabs on the up-and-coming songwriter.

Over time, I’ve come to learn that Moxiie’s one thoroughly cool chick with excellent taste–her influences include Madonna, Vanity 6, Debbie Harry and Janet Jackson–and her songs reflect her keen awareness for supreme pop.

After spending years writing for other artists however, the singer suddenly decided to go the solo route:

I did the whole writer thing, hitting tons of studios in L.A. and New York working with so many producers. I got bored with all the cliques and politics. Being one of hundreds of writers vying for a slot on someone else’s project, it felt wrong. It just hit me one day: I have a lot to say–I can write, sing and dance! What the hell am I doing?!

Now known professionally as Moxiie, the songstress has finally unleashed her debut effort today known as the Jungle Pop EP, a raw, crunchy 8-track collection filled with sharp hooks and fresh pop influences and inspired by world beats, popular dance and club sounds, and the gritty textures of New York City.

The EP boasts production from several rising producers, including Fredro (Wonder Girls, Jessica Mauboy), REO (Lil’ Wayne), Jay Deasel (Miranda Lambert), and The SupaSonics.

Buzz by MoXiiE

There’s sizzling cuts like “Buzz” (above) which bangs with a fierce Euro-friendly beat recalling Enur‘s “Calabria,” as well as “Bottle Service,” which plays like a harder-hitting sequel to Far East Movement‘s 2010 summer smash, “Like A G6.”

“Animal” finds Moxiie exploring some slightly left-of-center electronica territory above a marching drum beat, bringing to mind Wynter Gordon‘s brand of smart dance-pop ingenuity: “I want to love you like an animal/I wanna touch you like an animal/I wanna hear the sound of you losing all control,” she purrs.

She even dabbles in some rap-pop at one point on “Platinum P,” meshing old school hip-hop samples with a fresh flow above wild marching drum beats a la Cher Lloyd.

My immediate favorite of the bunch, however, is “Dancing in Dirt” (top), an absolutely relentless uptempo banger with light dubstep flourishes that simply demands to be blared from the speakers of every club across the country: “Don’t you feel sorry for me, ’cause I’ll be dancing in the dirt!” Moxiie declares before diving into the most delicious beat drop. Mmmph!

After hearing what Moxiie’s served up all on her own, there’s no question that she’s got that somethin’ special to propel her into stardom in no time. Record labels and fans alike–take note now.

Moxiie’s currently offering up the entire Jungle Pop EP for just the price of a tweet (not too shabby!), and the EP is also available on iTunes.

Jungle Pop EP was released on December 20. (iTunes)

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