Talk that talk all you want about the singer’s reinvention from indie crooner Lizzy Grant to pouty-faced chanteuse Lana Del Rey, but the girl’s still cooking up some of the most intriguing indie dream-pop tunes yet.

After the unbelievable success of her lead single “Video Games” (as well as the companion to the double A-side, “Blue Jeans”), the self-described gangster Nancy Sinatra has rapidly become the most hotly tipped act set to debut in 2012.

Today, the singer unveiled her latest release: “Born To Die,” the title track off of her upcoming Interscope debut.

Like “Blue Jeans” and “Video Games” before, the new single finds the deep-voiced diva once again waxing mournfully above a slow-swaggering beat, a desolate country twang and dramatic strings–all while supplying some truly haunting lyricism in the process.

“I feel so alone on a Friday night/Can you make it feel like home if I tell you you’re mine?,” she mournfully coos. Every inch of the song is quotable, especially the all-or-nothing chorus: “So choose your last words, this is our last time/Cause you and I, we were born to die.” Chills.

It’s yet another gorgeous offering from the ever-buzzed about beauty, sure to send hipster blogs into a tizzy of debate about her ‘authenticity.’ But to me, it’s just another stunning, flaw-free victory. Bye haters…sing on, Lana!

And now, a video of a topless Lana Del Rey hugging a tattooed man while an American flag waves in the background. I don’t know either, but let’s just go with it until the official video premieres.

Born To Die will be released on January 31. (iTunes)