As the industry’s leading sensual seductress, Britney “Britney Jean” Spears knows a thing or two about going undercover to surprise an unsuspecting fan (or a womanizah).

It’s not shocking, then, to hear that the “Mmm Papi” icon decided to supply her very own sweet surprise I could get used to (REFERENCE) for an episode of Surprise Surprise in the UK.

You see, B-Girl has lots of super-fans around the world, and she’s always trying to come up with different strategies to Spearitually bless them in cool, fun and urban ways.

Jim thinks he’s heading to London for a spot of afternoon high sweet tea as a special treat being such a good uncle and brother, but he’s about to get the surprise of his life — in the form of Godney.

Watch below as the ringleader learns all the tools of the trade, namely How To Balance A Tray, outstretching her tiny hands (REFERENCE) and holding the silver tray like a pro.

“Okay, I think it’s time for some British scones!” Britishney declares, delivering a signature Pepsi-for-those-who-think-young wink to the camera and approaching the unsuspecting stan. The teaser cuts off right at the good part — or he might have just dropped dead (beautiful).

As for what happens next? You’ll just have to wait and see.