As I explained in my PowerPoint presentation on The Genius of Keri Hilson‘s “Gimme What I Want,” it is an indisputable scientific fact that any song with the word “Gimme” in the title is a certifiable smash–there’s Britney‘s “Gimme More,” Ciara‘s “Gimmie Dat”–and now, to no one’s surprise, Cassie‘s own “Gimme That.”

Since her 2006 debut, the flaw-free icy electro-R&B queen has been drifting away from the chilly synthesizers to embrace some rather fiery club beats, as evidenced on her 2009 RedOne stormer “Let’s Get Crazy” and her recent breezy collaboration with Japan’s DJ Komori on “Sound of Love.” But now, Cassie’s hitting the floor with straight fever.

“Gimme That”–the latest leak from her ever-elusive sophomore release–finds Cassie slicing up the drippy, chilly beats of Kelly Rowland‘s “Motivation” (or perhaps even her own “Me & U”) and sauteing them with some searing four-to-the-floor House beats. The result? HOT FIYAH DELICIOUSNESS!

“Gimme that/I know you got it, even with your hands behind your back,” Cassie monotones on top of the surging chorus. It’s a relentlessly mayjah club banga, proving once again that the Connecticutian speak-singing chanteuse will forever hold the crown. (Sorry, CiCi!)

While we breathlessly await the release of her brand new single “King Of Hearts” (a new teaser trailer and website are launching tonight at 6:30 PM EST!) “Gimme That” is giving me all I need and more to get through this day.


“King of Hearts” will be released in December. (iTunes)