Gyeong Ree – or Kyungri as it’s also spelled in English, but not on iTunes! – is one-fifth of 9MUSES. In their current formation, anyway.

(There are five members of Nine Muses. One is on hiatus pursuing her DJ dreams. There haven’t been Nine Actual Muses in years. K-Pop!)


After patiently awaiting her own time to shine for over half a decade, the 28-year-old South Korean girl group member made her grand solo debut on Thursday (July 5) with “Blue Moon” -and it’s an understated, seductive pop delight. And also very gay!

The track ticks all the right boxes from the first note: that sleek, chilly beat, the finger snaps, the whines and moans, that throbbing bass. There’s even some unexpected Auto-Tune in the pre-chorus, as first made popular by the founding father of homosexuality herself, Cher.

As for that chorus: I’ve seen it compared to Taemin‘s fierce “Move” – and that’s totally accurate. So stylish! So seductive!

The accompanying video is all sorts of fierce and femme-y as well, featuring a slew of male dancers wearing harnesses and high heels. The cinematography is also super LOONA-ish in moments – Kim Lip and JinSoul style, especially.

At a time when the pop queens are just barely Giving The Gays What They Want™ (in the West, anyway), it’s so wonderful that this Muse saw our queer tears and came through with the healing light of her Blue Moon.

“Blue Moon” was released on July 5. (iTunes)

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