While taping for an upcoming episode on the Graham Norton Show today, Madonna, Queen of Quite Literally Everything, revealed to the host that the title of her twelfth studio album will be MDNA.

Although earlier reports suggested that she was merely toying with the idea, Madonna’s official Facebook page updated minutes after she revealed the title to confirm that it is, indeed, the real thing.

From Facebook:

Madonna just officially announced the name of her upcoming studio album, which is “M.D.N.A”!

MDNA: Like MDMA, otherwise known as ecstasy. Or, as my friend Parker points out: “Nerdy Fact regarding MDNA: mDNA is mitochondrial DNA, which each of us inherits maternally.”

Symbolism abound! It’s futuristic. It’s forward-thinking. It’s absolutely everything.

Is your body ready for some MDNA?