We did it, Kylie fans!

After successfully tweeting the hashtag #K25fans 25,000 times, Kylie fans have just unlocked the first gift from the iconic singer’s 25th Anniversary celebration: The orchestral version of “Finer Feelings”!

For those unfamiliar with the song–a lesser known musical offering by Mizz Minogue–“Finer Feelings” was produced by Mike Stock and Peter Waterman of the almighty power pop production troupe SAW. Released in April 1992 as a single off of her fourth studio album, Let’s Get to It, the song narrowly missed charting within the Top 10 in the UK (at #11), and became one of her lowest charting songs in Australia.

Still, I’ve always considered “Finer Feelings” one of Kylie’s more underrated numbers (and I know there are plenty of fans that would agree): The lyrics are brilliant (“But what is love without the finer feelings? It’s just sex without the sexual healing!”) and the melody is absolutely gorgeous, so it’s nice to see KM giving it the lovin’ it deserves.

But this version? This would stop anyone dead in their tracks. Such dramatic instrumentation, such spine-tingling vocals…just wow, wow, WOW! Chills all over the place. I’m thoroughly stunned!

And now, the Abbey Road orchestral rendition of “Finer Feelings”:

Here’s to a year of Kylie in 2012!