Earlier today, Queen Godney made an appearance at the International Olympic Committee’s 5th World Conference on Women in Sport in L.A., where she spent some time giving face and looking gawgeous with Olympic gold medalists, including Michelle Kwan and Nadia Comaneci.

Now, I know some of you might be lowering your Cheetos bags for a moment and saying to yourselves: “Wait, what? Why would The Holy Spearit attend such a seemingly random sporting event?” Um…there’s like, eleventy four million reasons why she should be there.

For one thing, Brit Brit’s already proven herself to be a Noted Equestrian Expert after the release of “Neighdar” “Radar.” Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her at the judge’s table this summer in London.

And when she’s not watching horsies gallop ’round, she’s busy perfecting her free-of-all-flaw diving skills.

If not, maybe she’s in negotiations to implement her upcoming industry game-changer Twister Dance as a new event for the 2012 games! Or perhaps she’s been invited to invent a new game altogether: Touch Of My Handball? Get Naked (I Got A Pole Vault)? If U Seek Archery?

Finally: Why not? It’s Britney, bitch! Now let the games begin!