Marina And The Diamonds Announces New Single Due in April: “Prima Donna”

The lovely Miss Marina And The Diamonds just announced on Twitter that the first official single from her upcoming album will be called “Prima Donna,” due out on April 16.

*Checks watch.* Is it April yet? No? Okay. Let’s pass the time then…

Last year, the “Obsessions” chanteuse grabbed for a blonde wig and introduced us to Electra Heart, the tragic protagonist of a mini-epic that explored the notion of the American Dream. (God, she just loves dealing with that subject!)

Over the past few months, we’ve already heard her amazing Stargate-produced smash “Radioactive” (still one of my favorite songs of 2011), as well as some stunning leaked cuts like “Starring Role.” Could my anticipation for this upcoming record be any higher at this point? No, I think it could not.

Here’s hoping this new single is actually just a cover of Legendtina‘s Bionic classic, “Prima Donna.”

So ladies, pop pop pop…

“Radioactive” was released on September 30 in the UK. (iTunes UK)

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