Santigold‘s coming strong for her sophomore record.

After premiering the M.I.A.-esque banga “Big Mouth” back in January, the Philly-born singer-songwriter/MC (short for musical chameleon, not master of ceremonies–don’t get it twisted) is hitting even harder with “Disparate Youth,” the ridiculously replayable new single off of her forthcoming album, Master Of My Make-Believe.

Floating atop a very Santigold friendly reggae-infused hip-hop beat (see: “Shove It”), Santi gets sassy against earnestly tripping beats, putting her hands up in defiance while keeping her head held high. It’s like a sort of post-Occupy Wall Street anthem of disillusionment, playing as equally outraged as it is inspired.

“So let them say we can’t do better/Lay out the rules that we can’t break,” she cries out before a jagged Yeah Yeah Yeahs-esque guitar lick comes piercing into the speakers. Interesting, given that she’s worked with YYY’s guitarist Nick Zinner on this upcoming record. Coincidence? Me thinks not!

The song is seriously sick–an absolute must! Consider my excitement for the record officially intensified times ten.

We know that we want more, a life worth fighting for…

“Disparate Youth” will be released on February 21. (iTunes)