This is Kristine Elezaj. She is an up-and-coming 24-year-old pop artist.

According to her official biography, Elezaj is “fierce, fun, edgy, and brave,” which I believe accounts for approximately 74.3% of the total ingredients necessary to concoct the Perfect Pop Star.

As far as comparisons are concerned, I’m seeing Holly Valance with a little bit more rhythm, hearing Heidi Montag with more talent (a bit of Alesha Dixon in moments as well), and recognizing Godney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls as the singer’s most obvious influences.

Kristine Elezaj has some promising songs and she’s made music videos with some fairly solid dancing (see above), but we’re here today to discuss “Warpath.”

“Warpath” is Elezaj’s upcoming single due out in September. It also happens to be amazing.

The song is what I would refer to as a proper ‘trash pop banger.’ It’s basically all about triflin’ men (“man whore”) and revenge and doing the daily chores (“taking out the trash”). There’s a chorus, but then there’s sort of a post-chorus chorus that’s arguably even better. There’s also some swearing here and there.

Now here’s a random list of amazing lyrics, sorted in order:

3. “You’re so dirty–should have known by now you’re a man whore.”
2. “You’re so dirty–should have known by now that this means WAR!”
1. “I saw that trick that you was with tonight / She was Justin Bieber‘s lookalike.”

There’s also a really genius Autotuned, “Disturbia”-esque “AH!” sound after each verse line which is brilliant.

And now, click above to hear an official snippet of “Warpath,” courtesy of Kristine Elezaj’s management. It happens to feature ALL THREE AMAZING LYRICS listed above.

See? It’s a stormer.

Kirstine Elezaj’s debut album will be released toward the end of 2010. For more information, check out her official website.