While the fate of the Sugababes remains murky at best (what with the original members back together and Heidi Range busy twirling around on Dancing on Ice), current member Amelle Berrabah isn’t waiting around any longer.

Over the past few months, she’s been putting in time at the studio crafting solo material to be released later this year.

Now, we’ve got a brand new spoonful of Berrabah’s solo suga to sample: “God Won’t Save You Now,” produced by DBX.

“God won’t save you now, won’t save you now!” Berrabah cries out on repeat atop the grinding chorus of the newly surfaced 48-second sample. The scorching dub-pop production brings “Freedom” to mind, the doomed (final?) Sugababes single that never was back in 2011.

No clue whether or not this is an official single (or if it’s even representative of what Amelle’s been recording thus far), but if so, “God Won’t Save You Now” is a much fiercer production than anyone was probably expecting to hear from Miss Berrabah as a solo star.

I’ve got a feeling she’s got even more surprises for us when the first single (and album, hopefully!) rolls around later in 2012.