MuuMuse Approved: Marina And The Diamonds – Homewrecker

Electra Heart is a heartbreaker.

“Homewrecker” (or rather, “H♡MEWRECKER”) is the latest cut off of Marina + The Diamonds‘ upcoming sophomore effort, Electra Heart, which was given away via a special code over the weekend to fans who came to see the singer performing a whirlwind mini-tour across the UK. (The track should be available shortly for free via her official website.)

“Every boyfriend is the one until otherwise proven/The good are never easy, the easy never good/And love, it never happens like you think it really should,” Marina declares over an ethereal soundscape mixed with lone plucks of a surf guitar in the distance, Lana Del Rey style.

Suddenly, the chorus arrives and the track becomes a Dr. Luke-esque (is it a Dr. Luke production?) electro-pop smash. But just as with the rest of the Electra Heart campaign (see: “Radioactive”), the beats may be bangin’, but there’s definitely something darker brooding beneath the surface: “‘Cause I’m a homewrecker, homewrecker!” Marina dramatically declares.

While it’s not quite as powerful as “Radioactive” (thus why it’s an album track!), “Homewrecker” is still a total win, including deliciously spoken verses (how great is her accent? “You and I will nev-uh last!”), a chorus that’ll be lodged in your brain for days, a growl-y bridge and, as with everything Marina’s ever penned, lyrics that are nothing less than brilliant. Plus, it’s totally morally bankrupt and EV♡L. My favorite!

Electra Heart my be a bad girl with a tar black heart–but I love everything she’s been serving us so far.

Electra Heart will be released on April 30. (iTunes)

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