Kylie Minogue Say Something Acoustic

Kylie Minogue Gives ‘Say Something’ an Acoustic Makeover

Kylie skips the beat of her new single “Say Something” and moves with her acoustic body…yeah, slow.

“Say Something,” Kylie Minogue‘s grand return mid-pandemic, appropriately (and accidentally!) encapsulates the socially distanced uncertainty and sadness of the present moment.

It makes perfect sense, then, that a more isolated rendition was in order.

Our Mighty Aphrodite released an acoustic version of her Disco lead single on Friday (August 13), taking the song’s synth-y strut down, skipping a beat and moving her body (yeah…slow…) into more Abbey Road Sessions sonic territory. Kylie’s gorgeous new vocals pull focus, providing an experience that underscores the lonesome yearning of the cosmic bout of optimism. It’s really very pretty.

The way she goes off at the very end, especially…that’s our girl!

It’s always nice to hear another take on a track. Here’s hoping the Japanese, reggaeton and death metal versions come soon after. There’s still plenty of time to kill between now and the release of Disco in November, after all…

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Photo credit: @KylieMinogue

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