Marina & The Diamonds on Britney‘s “E-Mail My Heart” for Q Magazine:

My main inspiration when it comes to popular culture is Britney Spears. I have always loved her and enjoyed the innocent hyper-girly element in her image. I think people believe my admiration of her is ironic or something. I don’t know why you can’t just love big pop artists without it having some kind of ironic eye roll involved. E-Mail My Heart is very 1999 and it is on my pre-show soundtrack for the Lonely Hearts Club tour.

I love her so much.

You’ll want to check out the rest of Marina’s playlist of heartbreak tracks for Q, including picks from Gwen Stefani (“Bubble Pop Electric”) and Christina Aguilera & Ricky Martin (“Nobody Wants To Be Lonely”) right here.

Watch for the official review of Marina’s new record Electra Heart–my favorite album of the year–coming on Monday.