Praise The Lourdes: Madonna Is Working With Diplo

Madonna, Queen Of Pop, Empress of Skincare And Shining Beacon of Bathroom Selfies, is currently tinkering in the studio with “Bubble Butt” hitmaker, Diplo.



The Woman Who Famously Outed Kale just Instagrammed a photo of herself sporting a #cool and #hip Diplo dino tat with the caption: “Working with @Diplo got me like…………….WHAAaaat?”

Diplo! Diplo of M.I.A.‘s “Paper Planes.” Of Robyn‘s “Criminal Intent.” Of Marina And The Diamonds‘ “Lies.” Of Nicola Roberts‘ “Beat Of My Drum.” Of Usher‘s “Climax.” And, most importantly, of Godney Jean‘s Most Personal Ode To Vehicles To Date, “Passenger.”

Come to think of it, there’s also that one little twerk anthem of his called, uh…”Express Yourself.” Perhaps a mash-up is in order? Is M-Dolla about to twerk? (Actually, don’t give her any ideas…)

Between this and her “iconic” collaboration with Mozella and Toby Gad, This is all VERY exciting. BRING IT, MADGE.

UPDATE: Give her a record, and she’ll break it. Give her a bathroom, and she’ll selfie.

What’s a midnight session in the studio without an Instagram update from the potty? “Diplo is a slave driver! Got me working all hours of the night in the studio. Had to sneak into the bathroom! #clicclacclicclacbitchgetoffmyback,” she posted around 1 AM.

Clic clac, bitch!

Introduucing…King N’ Queen!

Introduucing…King N’ Queen!


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