Well, this was a weird/amazing week of The Voice.

Almighty Queen Legendtina performed a rocky rendition of “Fighter” which apparently no one seemed to notice, Justin Bieber popped up out of nowhere to debut a clip of his new video for “Boyfriend” (SHAKING AND CRYING!!1!!!1), and to my greatest of great delights, my British boyfriends The Wanted took the stage to deliver their first ever (excluusive!) performance of “Chasing The Sun,” their brand new Example-produced banga.

And they did so good! Voices on point. There was so much happening on stage, too: Smoke! Flashing lights! Lady dancers humping the stairs! Tom sliding down the stairs! Waving flags! Wait, flags? Whatever! And then Blake Shelton‘s team came out to…err, I don’t even know what that was, clap excitedly and make whatever the fuck this noise is? Yes!

And then that was it, and everybody was slayed.

I think what I love most about this performance is how genuinely stunned/pleased with themselves the boys look for performing on The Voice in America. All of them just keep looking around dazed with disbelief, their facial expressions the equivalent of “LOL WUT.” Face it, boys–you’ve hit the big time now!

Okay, wait. That’s not what I loved most about last night. What I loved the very most about last night was this:


“Chasing The Sun” was released on April 17. (iTunes)