At long last, Rock Goddess Alanis Morissette has finally returned with the first piece of new music since her 2008 record Flavo(u)rs of Entanglement: “Guardian.” Isn’t it ironic? No. No, it’s not ironic…but it is quite good!

For her first single in over four years, Alanis remains as soul-bearing and emotional as ever, but in a more comforting and loving manner than, say…accusing your ex of getting blown in a theater.

“I’ll be your keeper for life, as your guardian/I’ll be your warrior of care, your first warden,” Alanis solemnly swears on top of the crashing guitars of the chorus. With its power pop-rock ’90’s energy, mixed with some gorgeous piano and the lightest wisps of electronica provided by Guy Sigsworth, “Guardian” stays true to all things Alanis, while still tapping into her more spiritual, rooted present self.

“No more standing still in the hailstorm, now enter your watchwoman,” Alanis declares gently above the twinkling bridge. Our hero!

It’s heartfelt, it’s magical and it’s a perfect way to ring in her new album, Havoc and Bright Lights. As Alanis would say: “May tender attunement, fierce protection and the safeguarding of freedom reign!” Or something like that.

“Guardian” was released on May 15. (iTunes)