When she’s not passed out in a puddle of urine under an 18-wheeler in rural Mississippi trying to score weed from a drug dealer named Sugar Tits McGee, Ke$ha‘s been busy crafting some sickening new pop.

The latest example? “Pretty Lady,” a new cut from her post-Animal sessions. While our Trash-Pop Goddess is currently in the studio/contributing blood/attempting to drop acid with The Flaming LipsWayne Coyne, she hit the studio back in February with Tom Neville (and her mom, Pebe Sebert!) to record this little ditty, which happens to a doozy. Or should I say dude-zy?

“Big hair, nice rack/High heels, sweet ass…boy, you’re such a pretty lady!” the glitter-drenched goddess chants during the jaunty, rocking anthem–an ode to a sexy lady (with something special tucked into her panties, perhaps?)

Sure sounds that way, especially given the cameos by drag superstars Lady Lloyd and Detox midway through: “Do you want to fuck around? Oh my God! You can’t take my beauty? Jealous!” the two giggle within the song’s bridge. “You’re so glamorous…so fucking fabulous!” K$ growls at one point. GAY ICON.

“Pretty Lady” likely won’t make it to the album (it’s not her strongest effort, either), but it’s still a yummy lil’ morsel while we wait for the drunk diva to belch out another game-changer. K$ genuinely has such a good ear for a hook though, doesn’t she? I mean, we knew that already, but the way that she stutters out those syllables at the end of each line to make ’em extra memorable (“The room comes uh-luh-a-live“)? Pop savant. Seriously.

Between this and the Scissor Sisters‘ “Let’s Have A Kiki,” 2012 is shaping up to be the most gender-bending year in pop yet!

Wutchu think, Latrice?

via RealityTVGIFs.