Today is a blessed day in Brit Brit land! (Well, so is every single day.)

Why this time? Because the Kansas City X Factor Auditions press reel from FOX–which is usually cut, spliced and distributed between different news networks and such–just leaked onto the interwebz in full, leading to over seven entire minutes of raw, uncut, hardcore GODNEY.

Oh, yeah. It goes there.

Click below to watch The Holy Spearit fielding questions forever alongside L.A. Reid, Louis Walsh and later Demetria Lovato, displaying all of the following: Gorgeousney, Politeney, Engagedney, Funnyney, Happyney, Talkativeney, Sassyney, Smileney, Laughney, Nodney, Grimaceney and Fidgetyfingersney.

But really, though: Our girl looks gorgeous and sounds amazing! My favorite part of all?

L.A. Reid: “We tend to agree with Britney more than others…she has amazing taste.”
Britney: “You ganged up on me one time, though. It wasn’t nice.”

BOOM. Shutdownney.

Ganging up on Godney? Who would even dare to do such a thing?! It’s too maniacal to even conceive–as though L.A. Reid and the rest of the judges were put under some sort of spell by an evil sorceress of some kind–WAIT.

Somewhere in the hills of Hollywood, Legendtina cackles from her red throne. “I’ll get you, my pretty!” she howls, clutching at her blood-filled goblet fashioned out of unsold copies of Mi Reflejo. “I’ll get you–and your little Demi too!