Remember Moxiie?

She’s the ferociously fabulous, deliciously stylish NYC-based pop songstress who I first introduuced back in December, responsible for the killer Jungle Pop EP (which, for the record, I’m still bumping on a weekly basis.)

Just in time for summer’s grand return, she’s back with a scorching new single: “Crash Into Me.”

Once again teaming up with Swedish production maestro Fredro (Jessica Mauboy, Shontelle), Moxiie’s latest finds the songstress jumping into the driver’s seat for a sizzling electro-pop thumper.

“Think we’re headed for a dead end/You can crash into me,” Moxiie cries. Seriously, that chorus is no joke–it’s been stuck in my head for a solid week now. You can crash in-tuh MAY!

Throw in a post-chorus rallying cry (“OOH-oo-oo-oh!”) that’d make Britney and RiRi proud, a mile-a-minute rap section, some stutter-y, K-Pop friendly sound effects that make it sound like Moxiie’s been bouncing around inside a pinball machine and bucketloads of mix ‘n’ match jungle rhythms, and you’ve got a blazing new cut that’ll keep you sweating even after the sun goes down.

And best of all? It’s free! So go ahead and hop in with Moxiie, y’all. (Or on second thought, don’t. After listening to this song, I’m not sure I’d trust her sense of navigation. Seat belts!)

Jungle Pop was released on December 20. (iTunes)