Marina And The Diamonds Premieres Video for “Power & Control”

Behold! It’s the video premiere of “Power & Control,” one of my very, very favorites off of Marina And The Diamonds‘ ridiculously amazing sophomore record, Electra Heart. (Review)

Still twirling ’round in a massive abandoned mansion as with “Primadonna,” Marina–or is it Electra? Homewrecker? Teen Idle, perhaps?–spends her time sulking in the corner and enjoying some gorgeous shadow play against the walls. She also canoodles with an inappropriately attractive man, who in his spare time enjoys bouncing balls against the wall, doing crunches and shining lights into Marina’s face. (I’m aroused.)

While there’s not a whole lot happening, the video’s still absolutely gorgeous. Plus, there’s a Newton’s Cradle, which is one big, metallic METAPHOR. POWER! CONTROL! For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! “You can’t have peace without a war!”

You know…I’ve been doing my 8 Minute Abs every day, and the hyper-enthusiastic trainer gets me pretty motivated and all, but I think I’d perform a lot better if Marina showed up and threw a bucket of ice water at my torso. I wonder if she charges for that?


Electra Heart was released on April 30. (iTunes)

Florrie: Late (EP Review)

Florrie: Late (EP Review)

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Moxiie – “Crash Into Me”

Moxiie – “Crash Into Me”

Remember Moxiie?

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