Last we heard from Delta Goodrem, she was busy sitting on top of the world.

Now, the Aussie-born goddess has decided to stand up and trip the light fantastic, despite a little bit of sadness–her very own “Dancing On My Own,” if you will.

Whereas “Sitting On Top of The World” was a feel-good glee fest of crashing drums and piano melodies, “Dancing With A Broken Heart”–Goodrem’s second single from her upcoming fourth studio album–dives deep into the dance floor. Fear not, though–no dubstep breakdowns here! Just a propulsive, synthesized beat and gorgeously dreamy guitar floating in the distance.

“I won’t look back tonight/This is the time of my life underneath these stars/Dancing with a broken heart,” the stunning chanteuse solemnly swears above the surging chorus.

In the great tradition of all things that involve fighting off heartache with some fierce footwork, including Robyn’s 2010 worldwide smash (or, well, every Robyn song) and Ke$ha‘s “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes,” Miss Goodrem is keeping her feet moving in defiance of her inner demons. Whether or not it’s inspired by her break-up last year with Westlife‘s Brian McFadden or simply a sad disco-pop song? Your call.

I have to be honest here: There simply are NO flaws to be found in “Dancing.” I’ve looked high and low–nothing. Not one! It’s a perfectly hypnotic, heartbreak-at-the-disco anthem. J’adore.

The only thing that could possibly make it better? The remixes still to come…

“Dancing With A Broken Heart” will be released on August 3. (iTunes Australia)