All summer long, we keep hearing the same request: Let’s have a kiki. But HOW?!

Mercifully, the Scissor Sisters have finally gotten their act together and provided us with a step-by-step instructional video–filmed at the Kiki Institute of Mental Instability–for every serve, werk, turn and hu-hu-hunny of “Let’s Have A Kiki,” the fan favorite off of their latest studio album, Magic Hour.

Honestly, it’s all just too much: Mizz Ana Matronic serving sassy MTA realness. Jake Shears serving fierce ’80’s workout mesh top realness. Babydaddy serving dropping-his-drumsticks realness. And if Sexy Tambourine Playing were an Olympic sport, Del Marquis would truly be taking home the gold for us this weekend. Too hot, can’t handle.

It’s time to do your part now, Pickles: Go on and strap on the sweatbands, fasten your weave, check your tuck, stretch out in the living room, and start getting these moves down. Your disco needs you! (Mothafucka.)

Kiki! Soso! Oui Oui! Non Non!

Magic Hour was released on May 29. (iTunes)