You know when you’re sitting home alone on a Friday night like Lana Del Rey and dreaming up amazing covers that your faves might perform one day on tour? The kind of covers that would just never happen because, well…they would just never happen in real life?

Like, what if Kelly Clarkson performed Britney’s most beloved ballad, “Everytime”? That couldn’t happen, right?

Of course not! “Everytime” is hardly the most obvious choice in the grand scheme of Popular Britney Songs. Besides, Kelly already covered the Living Legend back in April with her gorgeous stripped-down version of “Till The World Ends”! And even if she wanted to, surely the Pop Gods would never let it happen because the sheer magnitude of such an event would crack the Earth straight in half. Right?


Earlier tonight, while performing at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Kelly Clarkson selected “Everytime” as her fan request of the night.

Wait, stop screaming for a second: Not only did she cover the song, she hired a harpist especially for the performance. I know. No, I KNOW. The arrangement is absolutely gorgeous (obviously) and Queen Kelly’s vocals are objectively flaw-free (obviously), but just try and avoid crumbling into a complete blubbering mess by the very end, when Kelly truly starts sanging her heart out.

I’ve done some scientific studies (on myself), and I’ve since concluded that it is humanly impossible to make it past “And this song’s my sorry…” without breaking down and turning into this. The belting! THE BELTING! CHILLS. UTTERLY DESTROYED.

Stans: Keep the Kleenex box closely by your side. Basics: Fasten your wigs. Haters: Stay so very, very pressed.

Below is the full performance in HQ, including Kelly’s introduction. “This song is one of my favorite songs…I actually prefer the other girl’s version better because it just sounds sad, but I’m gonna try and do it,” she said before revealing the song. Can you say Godney stan?