Cheryl Cole Is Releasing A Debut Fragrance Called ‘StormFlower’


Captain Cheryl Chezza Push 10 Tweedy Cole is about to unleash an all-out assault — on our noses.

After confirming her return to the judges’ table on X Factor UK (and thus resuscitating the series), preparing a new record and flipping her hair in the most flaw-free of fashions for a L’Oréal Paris ad, the “Call My Name” diva is now planning to drop her debut fragrance available in August…called StormFlower.

From her Instagram:

I AM SO EXCITED!!! I couldn’t wait to tell you. So I am showing you a sneak peek direct from the shoot for my very first Fragrance!!! It is called StormFlower and will be ready for you in August!!! aaaaahhhhhh!!!



Any guesses on the scent’s contents? I’m guessing happy tears mixed with some messy little raindrops.

It’s really no surprise that Cheryl is releasing a perfume for her loyal Soldiers to wear into battle. After all, Cheryl Cole is known for smelling good.


See? Here’s a fan smelling her.


In related news, fellow Girls Aloud goddess and new mum Queen Nuhdeen Coyle has announced that she will be launching her own fragrance, MistburgerShamrock in September. The scent will be packaged alongside the re-release of her debut album, which is rumored to be titled Ahyvuhn Muhr Unsayshuhbull.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be pre-ordering bottles of StormFlower in bulk.


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