Legendtina Serves Leggy Realness While Shooting Music Video for “Your Body”


With each passing day, we draw closer still toward the only event that will matter in 2012–or really, this entire decade: The grand unveiling of Queen Legendtina‘s “Your Body,” the lead single from her forthcoming record, which is now reportedly titled Oh, She Is? With Mariah? That’s So Interesting Because I Have Literally Zero Fucks For Nicki Minaj.

Today, the 2001 Blockbuster Award Favorite Female Artist of the Year tweeted a photograph from the set of her upcoming video shoot and–to say the least, every single pop bitch in the building just went down to Sally’s Beauty Supply and pre-ordered a back-up wig.

In the Instagram, we see one Biconic leg fitted with a perfectly pink stiletto, resting atop a vintage green suitcase.

According to a MuuMuse insider on set, the vintage suitcase contains seventeen thousand copies of Bionic, a Stripped collectible hanky and anal beads. And just as a fun fact, that exact same shoe was once used to gouge out the eyes of several members of Innosense and extraneous members of Destiny’s Child while on tour back in 1999.

But where could Our Lady of Woohoo be doing in this shot?

A few guesses: One, this is an homage to the Ali, the small-town girl with big-time dreams and an even bigger bosom that carried the deeply misunderstood 2010 cinematic tour de force, Burlesque. Two, she’s setting off onto the dusty open trail and into the desert to find the rare Desnudate flower growing in the Mi Reflejo region of New Mexico. Or three, she’s now on her way to find Lady Gaga‘s Pussy Wagon, rip the Honey Bun straight out of Beyonce‘s mouth (Baby Max’s favorite!), and then promptly set the car on fire.

All roads lead to legendary.


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