Remember Frank + Derol (or Codi Caraco and Brandi Cyrus), of “Barely Love You Too” fame?

You know, that song that I quietly weep to in my car at night listen to obsessively on repeat while staring contemplatively out the window, Hills style? The song that is probably my favorite of the summer, and definitely one of my favorite songs of 2012? Them?

Yes, well. They’ve got more songs. And those songs? Also really, really good.

Take for instance “Apparition,” the duo’s brand new number which just dropped yesterday. The wistful number floats by on a breeze of lush piano-pop melodies and sugary sweet, heaven-sent coos a la Ellie Goulding, all grounded by a steady electronic undercurrent. It’s only a tease so far, but magical already.

“Apparition” comes ahead of the release of Frank + Derol’s massively anticipated debut EP, which drops September 4 on Interscope.