On Thursday, Mariah Carey premiered her newest single, “Triumphant (Get ‘Em).” ‘Twas a dire, Mariah-less situation.

Mercifully, the official dance remixes of “Triumphant” are the song’s saving grace: The Vintage Throwback Mix and the Pulse Club mix–both of which are now streaming on Mimi’s official website–are both (mercifully rapper-free) dance floor anthems, full of robust, newly recorded vocals. Or, in Mariah’s words:

To relive the splendor of when I used to rewrite and resing all my club remixes, this is for the lambily & there’s much more to come. You can’t stop feeling triumphant! — MC


The Vintage Throwback mix is a surging affair with some truly powerhouse belting, while the Pulse Club mix (my personal favorite of the two!) features some delicious chopped ‘n’ screwed vocals and blazing beat breakdowns. With incredible re-rubs like this, who needs to hear the original ever again? All wrongs have been righted.

In conclusion, EDMimi is a very good thing. Report to the dance floor, Lambily!

“Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” will be released on August 7. (iTunes)