Daily B: Godney Makes More Money Than Your Faves According to Forbes, Remains Flawless and Iconic While Doing So


Last year, sensual seductress and living legend Miss Britney Spears turned the world inside out with a #1 record (“Hold It Against Me”), three smash hit singles (“Till The World Ends” at #3, “I Wanna Go” at #7, and “Criminal at #55–hey, look, over there, it’s Jesus!), a #1 album (Femme Fatale) and a top-grossing international tour (The Femme Fatale Tour).

The year would forever be known in history as 2011: The Year of The Spears.

Now, The Holy Spearit has just dropped over drama and landed on her feet in a lime green bikini at the top of the Forbes’ Highest-Paid Women in Hollywood List at #2, chewing gum next to the almighty Oprah.

From Forbes:

Her nearest competitor this year is Britney Spears, who earned an estimated $58 million between May 2011 and May 2012, $107 million less than Winfrey. Television and music were the best ways for women to make our highest-paid list this year and Spears works in both mediums. As the newest judge on The X Factor, Spears is earning praise for her tough criticism of early contestants but she hasn’t helped the ratings. The show’s premiere episode earlier this month was down 32% from last year’s.

The 30-year-old pop star signed on to The X Factor for an estimated $15 million after our time frame for this list, so the $58 million she brought in is mostly from touring and album sales.

That’s right, flops and basics: $58 million before X Factor–due primarily to album and tour sales.

And that’s nothing compared to her projected 2013 earnings, according to MuuMuse insiders: Following the anticipated multi-billion dollar income from Twister Dance, Godney plans to unveil several other lucrative promotional tie-ins, including “Sorry Sweetie, It’s A No” Sweet Tea, a language learning series called Magnificento!, and her newest fragrance, Not Yet Fantasy.

Sorry ’bout your fave’s bank account.

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