Last year, sensual seductress and living legend Miss Britney Spears turned the world inside out with a #1 record (“Hold It Against Me”), three smash hit singles (“Till The World Ends” at #3, “I Wanna Go” at #7, and “Criminal at #55–hey, look, over there, it’s Jesus!), a #1 album (Femme Fatale) and a top-grossing international tour (The Femme Fatale Tour).

The year would forever be known in history as 2011: The Year of The Spears.

Now, The Holy Spearit has just dropped over drama and landed on her feet in a lime green bikini at the top of the Forbes’ Highest-Paid Women in Hollywood List at #2, chewing gum next to the almighty Oprah.

From Forbes:

Her nearest competitor this year is Britney Spears, who earned an estimated $58 million between May 2011 and May 2012, $107 million less than Winfrey. Television and music were the best ways for women to make our highest-paid list this year and Spears works in both mediums. As the newest judge on The X Factor, Spears is earning praise for her tough criticism of early contestants but she hasn’t helped the ratings. The show’s premiere episode earlier this month was down 32% from last year’s.

The 30-year-old pop star signed on to The X Factor for an estimated $15 million after our time frame for this list, so the $58 million she brought in is mostly from touring and album sales.

That’s right, flops and basics: $58 million before X Factor–due primarily to album and tour sales.

And that’s nothing compared to her projected 2013 earnings, according to MuuMuse insiders: Following the anticipated multi-billion dollar income from Twister Dance, Godney plans to unveil several other lucrative promotional tie-ins, including “Sorry Sweetie, It’s A No” Sweet Tea, a language learning series called Magnificento!, and her newest fragrance, Not Yet Fantasy.

Sorry ’bout your fave’s bank account.

GIF courtesy of RealityTVGIFs.