This is Cher’s World: The Almighty Return of an Icon

There are pop stars, and then there are legends. Cher, of course, is the real deal.

In the past six decades (!!!), the world-class entertainer has released well over 20 studio albums, embarked on seemingly endless worldwide tours (roughly 17 of them being “Farewell” tours, ALL LIES), and played countless colorful roles in both television and film, including her career-defining, award-winning role as Tess in Burlesque. (Oh, and that other one…Moonstruck or whatever.)

And yet, she’s still far from done: The 66-year-old songstress, eternal LGBT icon and, objectively speaking, the greatest celebrity to follow on Twitter has just returned with an incredible comeback single: “Woman’s World,” an empowerment anthem for the ages.

Bolstered by a thundering club thump produced by Paul Oakenfold (whose also had a hand in crafting dance-pop tunes for another icon as of late, her BFF Madonna), Cher’s returning to familiar territory in 2012–the dance floor, but of course. “I’m dancing solo in the dark on the club floor,” she croons above the dark, throbbing beats.

She’s been bruised, she’s been hurt, but like her Burlesque co-star (SAY!), she’s a fighter to the bitter end: “I’m stronger, strong enough to rise above!” she cries.

And then there’s that chorus, an utterly massive moment of defiance made all the better by Cher’s inimitable warble that keeps at least half of this nation’s drag queen population employed: “Tell the truth: This is a woman’s world!” she howls with the kind of earth-shaking conviction that’s so earnestly, endlessly Cher. (And by that, I mean a woman whose gone on more than a few uppercase Twitter rants about pig-headed politicians in her day.)

Now, yes: She’s singing about getting down in the club. And yes, she’s losing herself in the beat of the drum with her ladies and whatnot. But age isn’t an issue here. Not to boil it down to such a basic argument, but…she’s fucking Cher. Really. She’s allowed to do whatever she damn well pleases.

Besides, anyone that dares to accuse Cher of pandering to the club thumpin’ #EDM world in which we live today clearly hasn’t been properly schooled in their pop history, or else they’d already know that the woman essentially breathed new life into the genre 15 years ago with her 1998 Auto-Tune masterpiece, “Believe.” If anything, this is a shining example of dance done right by a seasoned vet, a la Cyndi Lauper‘s deeply under-appreciated Bring Ya To The Brink.

It’s a huge, huge track that could (and hopefully, should!) appeal to both faithful devotees and brand new fans alike, easily earning her yet another #1 on the club charts once again and only continuing to seal her legacy as one of the most prolific artists of all time.

Now follow that, you bitches.

“Woman’s World” was released on November 27. (iTunes)

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