In case you weren’t aware, it’s getting festive up in this bitch.

Today, YouTube sensations/handsome duo (and by that, I mean dear God, that man is handsome) premiered the video for their cheery, ‘modern’ take on the Khristmas klassic, “Sleigh Ride.”

Like Godney‘s product placement-slathered clip for “Scream & Shout, the video’s full of Coach apparel and goods. Unlike the clip for “Scream & Shout,” that actually makes sense, because it is for Coach.

The “Brokenhearted” duo’s take on the Christmas track is all very cheery and full of mirth and whatnot, but the highlight, obviously, is watching Nick blow that trombone. Well, and singing “Giddy up!” on repeat. Actually, it’s getting kind of steamy under my Christmas sweater. OUT OF MY WAY, RUDOLPH.

Oh, right: Amy’s singing is quite lovely, too! That is, until the rapping comes, and then everything is–well, not my cup of eggnog. But in the spirit of all things Khristmas, here’s a special present for the Karmelized Karminites. Enjoy!