kylie skirt

Guh. Queen Kylie Minogue wants you to read her body language all over again.

This morning, the pint-sized pop goddess unveiled the stunning Will Davidson-directed lyric video for her Nom De Strip-produced, The-Dream co-penned summer sizzler “Skirt” for Nowness — and it’s absolutely wow, wow, wow, WOW.

Flaunting her luscious locks and fever-inducing bod, the Mighty Aphrodite remains positively radiant and shines like a supernova in a sun-soaked Los Angeles hotel room: While the lyrics flash by, the “All The Lovers” chanteuse sensually rolls around on the floor in her sky-high Jimmy Choo stilettos, teasing by the windowsill, flipping her hair (always a win), arching her back like Kelly Rowlegend and taking it down, down, down (Yeah! Slow!) to the ground — just like her skirt.

With all those smoldering, come-hither glances and those sensual moves that melt me down like chocolate — why, it’s enough to make a boy want to go to bat for the other team! Well, almost.

And that’s not all! Mizz Minogue also teased a few teeny details about her upcoming twelfth studio album in an accompanying mini-interview, talking about the upcoming album’s sound (“pop dance but with a few new flavors”), joining Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation team (“It makes for fireworks and I think that will be heard in the music”) and the art of collaboration, with a special shout-out to Nick Cave for “Where The Wild Roses Grow.”

Y’know, if Madonna‘s not too busy with her #secretproject, you really ought to give her a call, KM! Or maybe Britney? She could use something more urban for her album — like a Roc Nation family member!

Watch in awe and wonder down, down, DOWN, DOWN below.